80 Years of legacy

At Porter Lighting, the lighting trends that we apply to all of our solutions are constantly being refined and redefined. We have been improving upon the old and incorporating the new since 1941. We want to share with you such legacy to bring life to your own home.
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Our family-owned company has been the top choice for many homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 80 years thanks to our unique offerings and reliable customer service. Our lighting designs stem from many years of learning and understanding what drives the needs of our customers.

We have developed an intuition on lasting trends within the lighting industry owing to eight decades of research, design, and development. When you browse our selection of lighting products, you will find a lineup of timeless designs mixed with bold, new décor statements and customer favorites.

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Our Team

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Showroom Manager

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Warehouse Manager

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Chief Operations Officer

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Outside Sales Manager

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Service Manager

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Humble or Not, Make it Yours

We continuously raise the bar for standards in the lighting industry by providing top-quality lighting designs and fixtures to our customers.

Our lighting solutions are designed to help people create a home that reflects their personalities and how they live their lives. We want our clients to have home lighting that matches their lifestyle.

At Porter Lighting, we do not offer countless lighting brands simply because we can. Our products are all hand-selected and have undergone extensive research to ensure that each item shares our values. We want to be confident knowing that our products are world-class and can offer you the best in lighting design.

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Elevate Your Element

With 80 years of service and counting, we will continue to provide our customers with elegant lighting products from the best brands while using the latest technology to enhance their experiences.

Make a lasting

Porter Lighting is proud to offer our customers a wide range of options to meet their need for illumination. We have a team of dedicated lighting professionals who will happily assist you throughout your purchasing journey.

We are open to all inquiries and there is no lighting challenge that is too difficult for us. We consider your designs and setups and we will make sure that your lighting is unique no matter where it is needed. As we push forward to 80 years and beyond, we will continue to serve our customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to the best of our abilities. We look forward to many more years of providing you with new styles that define the way you live.

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