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How to Choose Outdoor Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

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Studies have found that lighting can have an impact on the life you lead. But you should not just focus on indoor lighting. Your outdoor home lighting also impacts your life in different ways. The wrong outdoor home lighting can impact your home’s design, the atmosphere, your mood and even reduce your home’s security. But with the outdoor lighting market continuing to grow, there are many options to choose from, which can become overwhelming.

The good news is that there are ways to make choosing lighting fixture options easy. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to choose outdoor lighting fixtures for your home. 

Benefits of Outdoor Home Lighting 

Before you begin comparing your lighting fixture options, it is essential to know the benefits of outdoor home lighting. You can then consider what benefits you want to reap, which will help inform your purchase. Some of the top benefits of outdoor home lighting include:

  • Increased security 
  • Compliments home design
  • Adds curb appeal 
  • Enhances home value

The right outdoor home lighting can deflect intruders and compliment your home design. In the evening, the lighting will help form guests’ first impressions of your home, and your home will look attractive to anyone passing by. If your outdoor lighting also fits well with the landscaping and home design, you will also enhance your home’s value, as it will look more visually appealing at night.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting Fixtures for Your Home 

Choosing the right outdoor lighting fixtures requires time and research. However, the pay-off is that you will have quality lighting fixtures that complement your home. Follow these steps to help choose the outdoor lighting fixtures for your home.

Consider the Lighting Purpose

Why do you want outdoor lighting? You may have more than one reason to invest in outdoor home lighting but consider your primary intention. This will help narrow and specify your search.

Some of the main reasons people use outdoor lighting include: 

  • Outdoor security lighting
  • Landscape lighting 
  • Utilize outdoor space 
  • Entryway lighting 

Once you determine your main intention for your outdoor lighting, it helps focus your search on the most suitable types of lights. Most outdoor lighting serves as outdoor security lighting too.

However, suppose security is your main intention. In that case, you can find lights that are specifically designed to protect your home and deter intruders, such as motion sensors and high output lights. There are over one million burglaries per year, so it is important to consider outdoor security lighting as one of your purposes. However, if your main intention is entertainment purposes, you will want to focus on softer, more ambient lighting, such as lanterns, accent lamps, colored panes, or fairy lights. 

Review the Environment and Locations

It is also helpful to envision your outdoor space with lighting. Where will the power source be? What do you want to illuminate?

Some popular locations for lighting include walkways, wall lights, paths, landscape lighting,  post lighting, step lighting, and deck lighting. You can work with your space and intention to determine the locations for your lights, which will help you pick between lighting fixture options.  

Know the Lighting Fixture Options 

Take the time to learn the different lighting fixture options to help you choose your outdoor home lighting. Some standard outdoor lighting options include:

  • Wall-mounted lights
  • Hanging lights
  • Outdoor security lighting
  • Pier-mounted lights
  • Landscape lights
  • Post-mounted lights

Wall-mounted lights are great for doors, patios, garages, and other wall spaces you want to be illuminated. Hanging lights are usually suspended from a ceiling or wall with a chain or other fixture. They can add style to your outdoor space and are perfect for adding ambiance. 

Post lights have long been featured in history, usually in public spaces. However, now people realize that they are a viable option for outdoor home lighting too. Landscape lights generally come as spots or floodlights to add layers and highlight key landscape features. You fix pier-mounted lights on top of a surface, such as entranceways, to showcase your home and particular features.

Decide Size and Height

An outdoor light may look great, but is it the right size for your location? There are several rules to help determine the height and size of lighting features, such as:

  • Double doors having a light on each side
  • Posts around eight feet high 
outdoor black lantern light fixture

It is best to work with a lighting expert to determine the most appropriate size and height of outdoor lighting for your home. Find a lighting provider that has the expertise to inform your lighting choices. Porter Lighting works with builders, designers, and homeowners to find the best lighting for a property. 

Remember Style and Decoration

No matter your outdoor home lighting purpose, you do not have to neglect style. Find lighting pieces that match your home’s architecture or what emanates the energy you want to convey. Using your home’s color palette as a base is an excellent place to start. 

There are various bulbs, colors, and finishes to choose from. Check out the latest trends, visit other homes, and seek advice from your outdoor lighting provider for inspiration. The illumination you choose will completely change the lighting’s mood, so choose wattage wisely. 

Comparing Lighting Fixture Prices

Consider your budget and what is realistic for your outdoor home lighting. When comparing lighting fixture prices, also consider the company’s reputation and what is included in the service. Also, remember to factor other practicalities into your budgets, such as the cost of installing outdoor lighting, power sources, and other accessories. 

Pick Your Outdoor Home Lighting Provider

Follow these tips for how to choose outdoor lighting fixtures for your home. However, also pick a reputable outdoor home lighting provider for the best design and installation. Porter Lighting has been providing quality lighting solutions for over eighty years in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We work with designers, builders, and homeowners to find the best lighting options. 

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