outdoor lighting ideas

Brighten Your Nights: Outdoor Lighting Ideas

by Cole Talley
August 7, 2023

outdoor lighting ideas

If you’re a homeowner looking to illuminate your outdoor space with style, you’ve come to the right place. From gorgeous wall-mounted sconces to enchanting pendants and everything in between, Porter Lighting has you covered with fantastic outdoor lighting ideas.

Nothing says “welcome home” better than a well-lit entrance. A crucial aspect of outdoor design, outdoor lighting enhances security and adds a distinctive touch to your property’s facade. When it comes to outdoor lighting ideas, the world is your oyster. So, let’s dive in!

Illuminating Wall-Mounted Sconces

Wall-mounted sconces are a prime choice for outdoor lighting ideas, seamlessly blending style with function. They illuminate your entrance at eye level and enhance your home’s security. But their benefits extend beyond just lighting – they also serve as key elements of your outdoor design.

outdoor lighting ideas - wall-mounted sconces
outdoor lighting ideas - wall-mounted sconces

Whether you prefer the classic charm of lantern-style sconces or the modern simplicity of cylinder designs, Porter Lighting offers a wide variety of wall-mounted sconces to suit every style. Installing them at strategic points, like flanking your front door or along outdoor walls, can dramatically enhance your outdoor space’s aesthetic appeal.

So, when considering wall sconces, consider the design and the type of light it casts. With Porter Lighting’s range of sconces, you can make your outdoor space safe and stylish, brightening your nights perfectly.

Radiant Lanterns

Lanterns are a charming and traditional choice for outdoor lighting, providing essential illumination and unique character to your home’s outdoors. They come in many styles, from rustic designs with a weathered finish and glass panels to contemporary, geometric lanterns featuring sleek lines and materials like brushed steel.

Not limited to doorway placement, lanterns can be creatively used in various locations. Arrange them on patios for ambient dining lighting or group them at different heights for a captivating effect.

In essence, lanterns offer a flexible lighting solution that merges functionality with aesthetic appeal. At Porter Lighting, you’ll find a diverse range of lantern designs to enrich your outdoor space, enhancing its practicality and charm.

Shine Bright with Pendants

Pendant lights are a versatile and stylish choice for outdoor lighting, casting a welcoming glow from your outdoor ceilings. Their appeal lies in their variety, with designs ranging from classic lantern-style pendants to modern, glass-encased fixtures.

These lights create an intimate atmosphere, perfect for illuminating outdoor dining areas or patios. The hanging length can be adjusted to control the lighting effect, allowing for both focused or broad illumination.

Porter Lighting’s wide selection of pendant lights offers options to fit any style and function, adding an elegant touch to your outdoor space. With the right pendant light, your outdoor area can become a chic and inviting part of your home.

Radiant Wall Lights and Captivating Ceiling Fixtures

When it comes to outdoor lighting ideas, wall lights, and ceiling fixtures should be considered. These lighting options provide a functional yet stylish solution to illuminate your outdoor areas.

outdoor lighting ideas

Wall lights offer eye-level lighting that enhances your home’s security while adding a decorative touch. They are perfect for lighting up entrances and pathways, creating an inviting and safe environment.

On the other hand, ceiling fixtures, including pendants and flush mounts, provide a broader spread of light, ideal for covered patios, decks, and porches. They offer a top-down illumination perfect for illuminating larger areas, creating a cozy and well-lit atmosphere for late-night chats or dinners.

Porter Lighting offers an extensive selection of wall and ceiling fixtures, helping you find the perfect balance of style, function, and brightness for your outdoor space. Whether you want to accentuate architectural features or brightly light a social area subtly, these lighting options have covered you.


Outdoor lighting is more than mere illumination for your outdoor space. It’s a powerful design tool that can transform your property. Whether you choose sconces, lanterns, pendants, bollard lights, or post lights, the right lighting fixtures will brighten your nights and create an inviting ambiance for everyone.

Explore these outdoor lighting ideas and more at Porter Lighting. With our wide array of quality, stylish outdoor light fixtures, you can illuminate your home to match your aesthetic and meet your functional needs. Let Porter Lighting help you brighten your nights and make your outdoor spaces shine! Schedule an appointment at our showroom today!