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Should Light Fixtures Match Throughout a House?

by Cole Talley
May 18, 2022

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Lighting is meant to serve multiple purposes, whether it’s to illuminate an area or make it stand out on its own. There are many unique ways to light up your home, from an elegant chandelier to eccentric neon lights. However, trying to use as many different light fixtures as possible could make your house look messy and unorganized. 

On the same note, you don’t need to have all of your light fixtures match one another. Too much synchronicity will make your overall home appear boring and repetitive. 

Here are some examples of popular light fixtures and how to utilize them throughout your home. 

Types of Light Fixtures to Consider

Custom Nursery Light Fixture - Should Light Fixtures Match Throughout a House?

The first thing to keep in mind about light fixtures is that not all of them are made for the same purpose. There are fixtures that work best in large rooms where they can throw light into every far corner. You can also find light sources that work best in smaller, cozier spaces. 

If you want to design lighting in a house, you can calculate the amount of light needed and create a floor plan of how many lights you think you will need per room. Also, consider the general aesthetic you’re going for and how much you plan to spend. 

Incandescent vs. LED Light

There are three types of lightbulbs you’ll find in a store. Incandescent bulbs are the normal round ones. Compact fluorescent lightbulbs are spiral-shaped ones. 

LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient option and look similar to traditional, incandescent bulbs. They’re cheaper overall, use less electricity, and have a much longer lifespan. 

In addition, an LED bulb doesn’t give off nearly as much heat as a traditional one. This can prove helpful if you want to give a lot of light to a living space without pumping up the temperature at the same time. 

Ceiling Light Fixture

When it comes to bold ceiling light fixtures, you’ll want to coordinate them. These types of lights often draw the eye first, so you want them to stand out equally while still complimenting the others.

However, you should avoid getting the same fixture for every room. They can’t work as statement pieces if each room is copying one another.

Wall Sconce Light

Wall sconces work as more subtle light features. These don’t necessarily have to match one another, as long as the light provides coordinates from room to room. For example, an entryway with a chandelier should not lead into a dim sitting room or vice versa. 

When Should Light Fixtures Match Throughout a House?

Whether you’re buying dining room lights or a living room light fixture, you want the lightbulb wattage to more or less match. The higher the lightbulb wattage, the brighter it will be. Domestic light fixtures most commonly handle up to 60 watts.

Custom Light Fixture - Should Light Fixtures Match Throughout a House?

Similarly, you want the warmth or coolness of these bulbs to coordinate with one another. Warmth and coolness determine the overall feel and mood of a room. 

Incandescent lights usually give off a soft white, which is warmer. LED lights offer a wider variety of temperatures. As such, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying the right LED bulbs for each room of your house. 

Each room should flow into one another, but they don’t have to match exactly. You only want rooms to match if they naturally lead into one another, such as an entryway into your living room. Bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms may each have different requirements depending on personal preferences.

Mixing and Matching Tips

People always want to add the trendiest design options to their homes, but you need to make sure they actually go together. For example, Vintage lighting in one room will clash heavily with neon lights in another. However, there are different forms of industrial lighting that would suit a steampunk aesthetic. 

If you want the best lighting design, here’s what to stick with and what to avoid. 

What to Do

Custom Living Room Light Fixture - Should Light Fixtures Match Throughout a House?

Layer your different types of light to create a well-lit space. A ceiling light provides equal lighting from the center of a room, but it can cast shadows and create dark corners. Mixed-use ambient and task lighting can greatly improve the feel of a space. 

If you have an eye-catching chandelier or a unique lamp, make it a focal point. While wall sconces can help provide additional lighting without distracting from the center of attention. 

What to Avoid

Don’t try to put too many different light fixtures in a single room, even if you really like them all. At the same time, don’t be afraid to implement something new. It’s all about finding balance and knowing when to stop. 

However, don’t only pick your lighting based on how it looks. Vintage lamps have a unique appearance but may give off a lot of heat. A stunning chandelier might not work in a smaller room where it takes up too much space. 

Examples of an Interior Lighting Setup

When in doubt, look at examples online of different room styles

Coastal and nautical decor have a classic look that is reminiscent of America’s coastal communities. Imagine textures and fixtures that help to create a unique light dispersal. 

A traditional home design style might have more familiar furnishings. These light fixtures may have bell-shaped glass shades and metal parts. Create this look with symmetry and pieces with a similar structure

Get Some Illumination for Your Home Design

The light fixtures you purchase can make or break a room in many cases. They’re one of the most essential parts of your space design and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Porter Lighting’s showroom appointments can help connect you with a designer who will help you plan your lighting needs. We can help you upgrade your existing space or select fixtures for a new home. Contact us to schedule an appointment and talk to one of our team members.

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