What is My Home Design Style?

It is said that a home is a reflection of yourself, but what if you don’t know what your style is? How do you reflect your personality in your home? 

If you’re designing a new home and you want to make the most of your home design budget but don’t know where to start then, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. Have you ever googled: What is my home design style? But, failed to find something you like. There might be a good reason you’re struggling to make decisions on your home design.

Common Design Styles

Picking between interior and exterior design styles can be one of the most difficult choices you have to make in your life as it affects your overall psychology and wellbeing. So, it’s important to nail down your style. Keep reading to learn how to find your unique style and get inspired by a list of existing home style options…

Here are the 5 most common home design styles that you can pair with features like lighting. Take a look and see if you connect with any, there’s something for everyone!

1. Traditional 

home stairway and front entrance with chandelier

A traditional home design style is exactly as it sounds. This is the kind of style that is based on established design elements that have been around for a long time. You can create this look by adding layers, structure, and symmetry. 

If you have an inkling for old movies, classic literature, and enjoy getting lost in a vintage cookbook then a traditional style is just for you!

2. Boho

In contrast to the traditional souls that enjoy historical features, a boho style is for those adventurous and outgoing people who like a bit of color. This style blends both natural and organic materials to create a cozy atmosphere. You will find lots of bamboo sticks, textiles, and bold colors in a home like this. 

3. Eclectic 

Picking a home design style can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never taken the time to pin down your personality into design products. However, you don’t need to narrow it down to one thing. An eclectic style is for those people who are often indecisive and don’t like following the rules. All you need to do is pick what you like and create a color aesthetic that ties it all together. 

4. Modern 

Unlike traditional, boho, and eclectic homes a modern style is the complete opposite. The aim of this design is to be simple and full of shapes. This style also tends to have fewer color tones and fewer details. If you like simplicity and a sleek look, then a modern style could be a perfect choice. 

5. Coastal 

blue kitchen with gold island light fixtures

We’ve all scrolled through Instagram and seen people living near beautiful beaches and vacationing on tropical islands and wished we could live in a place like that. But, for most of us, that’s just a fantasy. 

The amazing thing about having your own home is that you can make your fantasy come true! Why not make your home style coastal-themed. That way, you can bring the beach to you. All you need to do is use white-wash tones, natural elements, and add in some blue colors to represent the sea. 

Even though these are only five of the most popular home design styles, there are many more to choose from. Now, you might be thinking, where can you find these styles for inspiration? 

What Is My Home Design Style?

A great way to find out our style is to browse online. Sometimes looking at images on the internet can help you get ideas on what to do in your own home and allow you to visualize what your house could look like.

Browse Online 

A simple search of home design ideas will give you hundreds of suggestions and themes that you can either print off or save for later use. You can even make a mood board of different styles and see which one is best for you! 

Take a Quiz 

All you need to do is type, “what is my home design style?” and you’ll be given a number of online quizzes to try which can help you determine your style and how to decorate your home. 

Plus, it can save you time researching lots of websites. 

Your Wardrobe Says It All

Often the easiest way to understand your home style is by looking at your wardrobe. Picking clothes is just like picking a new sofa or bedframe, normally you gravitate towards clothes that convey your personality. 

If you look at the patterns, textures, and colors in your wardrobe then that could be a great starting point for picking out home design ideas. 

Consider Lighting

The next time you have a spare moment, walk around your home and take note of your lights and how they blend with other design elements in your home.

dining table with black light fixture

Next, you can make a mindmap of all the similarities and differences in each room. That means you’ll be able to decide what you like and don’t like about your current style. Companies like Porter Lighting can match your style needs to their lighting designs so you can bring your mood board to life! No home is complete without sparkling lighting options.

Ultimately, lighting sets the tone for every room in your house. Even if you have the best design references that won’t necessarily mean your home will have the atmosphere you want. In order to create your dream home, you need to nail down the perfect lighting. Thankfully, Porter Lighting has you covered!

Illuminate Your Home Design With Dazzling Lighting

Whether you like a modern look with monotone colors or a vibrant, eclectic home you’ll need the right lights.

Luckily, Porter Lighting has a range of lighting options that will sprinkle some beauty into your house and help bring your new home design to life. 

Have a look at the collection and pick your new lights today!

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