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What Makes Porter Lighting the Ideal Subcontractor

by Cole Talley
July 20, 2022

Dining feels more relaxed, the living area speaks of comfort when the right fixture is installed, and the perfect level of lightning fills each room.

However, we know it’s not always as easy as it seems to find the right fit in a lighting subcontractor that can live up to the set vision on a project. That’s where Porter Lighting comes in.

What Makes Porter Lighting the Ideal Subcontractor for Your Job?

Porter Lighting provides light designs and installations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Having been in the business for over 80 years, we continue providing top-class service to all our customers, from meeting to installing every product. 

Our designs come from years of knowledge, experience, and learning about what lighting trends fit perfectly into homes to make them look their best. Years of research have allowed us to curate and customize products that are modern, trendy, and favorites for homeowners across all design preferences.

Custom Kitchen Lighting - What Makes Porter Lighting the Ideal Subcontractor

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve lighting standards and take them to the next level. We do this through:

  • Creating custom designs
  • Providing cutting-edge details and light installations
  • Curating a showroom and designs that will leave clients inspired

We continually strive to improve our offerings and customer service. Our level of commitment sets us apart from other lighting companies within the industry.

If you are looking for the right subcontractor to work with to make your job easy and hassle-free, we are here to help you light up a home that its owners will love.  

Lighting Design Specialists

The right light fixture can truly amplify the beauty of a home and all the unique details it possesses.

From the time you get in touch, we work to match our service with the experience you’re looking for. Our experts can handle all your lighting needs, adding the finishing touches to the quality build you’ve created. That way, we can work together to provide a beautiful place to live.

What makes Porter Lighting the ideal subcontractor? During our consultation, here’s what we’ll discuss with you to help design lighting that suits you.


Bring whatever lighting ideas inspire you as the builder or the homeowner to the consultation. We want to see what you love and how you hope it will come to life.

Perhaps our website gallery, a Pinterest board, or even a picture in a magazine. We’ll work with you through all options to make your dream a reality.

Have you checked out our fixtures already? If so, is there a particular one that’s caught your eye? Let us know!

We’ll discuss how this will fit in with the desired room, give suggestions, and build a design that meets your needs.


Custom Light Fixture - What Makes Porter Lighting the Ideal Subcontractor

Measurements, spacing, and any other relevant details you have concerning lighting areas will help us discover the right fixtures to add.

When you come prepared, the process runs smoothly. It gives us the best chance to find the perfect lights that work.


We understand that you’ll be working tightly to a budget. We also know that you’ve got multiple projects to factor in with spending. 

We’ll balance the best look to complement your price! That way, you can trust that a beautiful home’s built with an ambiance right for each room.

Lighting Installations and Innovations

We use the newest designs, modern lighting, and advanced installations to give the homes we work on the best finishing touch.

At Porter Lighting, we cover the process the whole way through to leave the best lighting you can find. In doing so, we:

  • Pay close attention to ensure lights are fitted correctly
  • Make adjustments as required, so the lights sit right
  • Regularly check the details so that they catch the eye

We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. So you can be sure that we’ll try our best to surpass your desired quality. 

Following design, next up is installation. Let’s walk you through how we can manage the installations that save you money and time while completing your project error-free. 


Our team inspects the building before adding the lighting. We ensure that the site is safe, secure, and suitable to work in.

We make adjustments to wiring if required to make it a suitable space for installation. Regular check-ins will keep you updated about any minor changes needing to be made before we start.


The installation process is carried out with care. We install lights, accessories, and every part that comes with them. 

You can trust us to be quick and efficient with our installations with strict plans. We’ll test all the lights to ensure they’re working and the job’s correctly completed.


We respect your lighting selections and how you want them to sit. Adjustments are made as necessary so that you’re satisfied that the lights fit in nicely with your chosen designs. Don’t be afraid to let us know – we want to work together so that the project is perfect!

There’s no second-guessing with us – our care is like no other! We’ll chat with you about how we can improve the lighting so that you’re left with what you want.

Our team will make the final tweaks to balance the lighting right. With Porter Lighting, you can be sure that the end result will align with your desires.

Hire Your Quality Lighting Subcontractor Here

Finding a company to work with that you can trust isn’t always easy. But now you know you’re in good hands with us. This article has shown you what makes Porter Lighting the ideal subcontractor for you.

Get in touch with us and schedule your appointment today! Our team will be happy to discuss how we can add the perfect lighting to your project.

Lighting Design

We know lighting and we get to know you - from the moment you contact us, we make a commitment to provide a tailored experience, with quality service.